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Top 5 Android apps of 2014


5. FireChat

         FireChat developed by Open Garden lets you to chat with people around you even when there is no network courage or internet access. This app became popular in Iraq following government restrictions on internet use and thereafter during Hong Kong protests where it was so helpful in group communications when the other apps couldn't.

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4. AutoApps

         Autoapps is an amazing app which has a collection of plugins to improve the customizing options of your android device. The app consists of various plugins like AutoVoice (it allows for voice recognition, variable creation and has a mode so your device will always be awaiting for your command),  AutoNotification  (it allows you to create own notifications and control your built in tasker notify action), AutoShare  (lets you to share data automatically and import or export tasker variables),  AutoLocation, AutoLaunch and much more. The video below shows some of these amazing features. 

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3. SwiftKey Keyboard

        SwiftKey Keyboard is a free, award-winning keyboard app for Android that learns from you, delivering the best next-word prediction, smarter autocorrect, support for over 800 emoji (emoticons), Emoji Prediction and much more! SwiftKey is an alternative touch keyboard that gives you smart, fast typing on Android - free. It's the best smart keyboard for Android for fast SMS, chat, text and email, becoming the default across all your apps. It’s packed full of customization features including over 30 colorful themes, layouts for all screen sizes and devices, and supports over 80 languages.

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2. musiXmatch

    musiXmatch app lets you find and match lyrics to your favorite music tracks for free! With millions of officially licensed lyrics localized in tens of languages, musiXmatch allows users to access the largest lyrics database in the world. Featuring a fully integrated music player, song tracker, and powerful lyrics search engine, musiXmatch is the best way to find lyrics on your device. Users can browse the top viewed lyrics by country, and even purchase music directly from the app.

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1. Mailbox

The Dropbox-owned email app has done away with its waitlist and is now letting all comers try Mailbox on the desktop. Mailbox is super fast and makes quick work of getting your inbox under control.Mailbox's swipe gestures can instantly "snooze" messages and have them reappear when you need them — you can push them off to later in the day or even the next month. Any chances you make on Dropbox for Mac are reflected in the smartphone app almost instantly and vice versa. If using Gmail in a desktop browser isn't quite doing it for you, or if other third-party email clients are falling short, Mailbox may be worth a quick look. And since it's free, you don't lose anything by trying it out.