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Nine tips for getting the most out of your Android device

Nine tips for getting the most out of your Android device

Do you really use your Android as a smartphone or only have to make calls, send messages and connect to the Internet?

With your Android phone you can do many things, but only you will succeed if you take out all the juice and make the most of your Android smart phone.

Today I'm spending nine tips for you and your Android phone to become a best team.

1. Set the automatic unlocking when you're home

"Smart Unlock" is a new feature in Android 5.0 Lollipop. Removes the PIN on your phone in places of trust, like your home or work.

Just go to Settings --> Security --> Smart Lock --> Trusted Places and adds the necessary places.

2. Prolong battery life

First, turn off Bluetooth, GPS and synchronization(Sync) of applications. Applications like Facebook, Messenger, Skype and WhatsApp are probably big culprits. So disable them by stopping them.

After that go to Settings --> Battery to see which applications are using more of it. Probably be your screen or any application that requires GPS. Tap the application and "Force stop".

If you're really desperate, make brightness to minimum and disables the keyboard sound and vibration

3. Zoom in anywhere

Go to Settings> Accessibility> Zoom, and turns on. Now, you can triple tap to zoom and drag two fingers to scroll and forefinger and thumb to adjust the zoom level.

4. Find the phone once it has been lost or stolen

Android phone has inbuilt feature of Android device manager so you don't need to install any other app to find your stolen phone at all. You just need to go to ANDROID DEVICE MANAGER and login in with your Google account and you can now use your Android Device Manager that will blow your phone, lock it or delete it.

5. Restrict calls and texts only very important people

Android 5.0 introduced Lollipop "priority mode", a new feature that allows interruptions only contact you designate. Active Priority mode by touching the gear settings to customize the types of calls and texts they enter the phone and for how long.

6. Set up public transportation alerts using Google Now

Sign into your Google account and open up the official Google app. Next, tap the menu icon in the upper-left hand corner and go to Settings to make sure Google Now is turned on. If you have GPS enabled on your device, it will automatically give you updates on public transportation information whenever you’re at a bus stop or train station.

7. Quickly access the most important

A sliding a finger down the notifications will show two fingers down will show rapid adjustments.

8. Block people are bothering

In the Contacts application, find the person you do not want to be calling you and click on the menu (three points) at the top right and select "Forward to voicemail."

9.Make sure your device is super Encrypted 

To make your phone super safe just Go to Settings> Security> Encrypt phone. This may take a while, so make sure your phone is charged.

Why encrypt your data? 

Because someone could easily circumvent a password lock screen by connecting it to a computer. So the encryption protects your identity, passwords and personal information through data encryption with a cryptographic key.

However, you can reduce battery performance and also you would have to type in your PIN or password to use each time it is turned.

You can also share your own tips in the comment section below