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BettingTop10 app: the best guide to Sports betting

betting top 10

Many of you guys are sports enthusiasts , some of you are even trying to make some money out of your favourite sports as well. But are you worried that you are not well versed with the rules that run the world of betting? Then worry not, because this app called "BettingTop10" is for you.

BettingTop10 is the ultimate guide for sports betting. First of all, it provides a gateway to betting in multiple countries. Countries supported as of now are UK, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Canada and Italy. It provides local language translations to make it easier for the locals of each country to access it. This app is available on Android as well is iOS .

This app provides many features like listing the best bookies around, their personalized reviews, rules for betting etc. The features are deeply discussed below.

1. Listing Best Bookies available

In each country, this app lists top 10 best bookie sites and the hyperlinks to those sites. There's also a rating system given (with 5 stars being the highest grade) to each site listed.

2. Personalized reviews of the bookies

To each of the bookie site listed, a specific review is given. The different aspects of the sites are discussed in those reviews. These reviews help the user to know about the sites beforehand and decide which site to go to. Every user can then choose the bookmaker of his choice by deposit, bonus, odds, site accessibility etc...

3. Guide to betting

This app also provides support to first timers by providing all the necessary inputs like the rules and the different types of betting, different sports to bet on, steps for betting, live betting, mobile betting etc. This module helps the newcomers immensely.

To conclude, many people restrain from betting, even if interested, because of the complex rules and not knowing whom to trust etc. This app provides a perfect platform for newbies by providing important info like the rules of betting, where to go for betting, different sports available for betting etc and can be used with no doubt. Features like a fine user-interface, multiple language support etc make this app much more useful and user friendly. Do use this app guys!!
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3 Major "Ilities", or How More Businesses should Be More Like Online Casinos

online casino
Online gambling is considered by many a shady line of work, out to strip players of their last cent for profit while selling them tall tales of prospective welfare in the process. It reminds me of another business, largely considered legit - but that's a story for another time. Online gambling, in turn, is something completely different - it's a business run on thin ice, relying on several "ilities" to stay afloat. Given the success of the industry in the last decades, I think many other businesses should be like online casinos, adopting their "ilities" to work better. Which "ilities" those are, I'll explain below.


Part of the charm of an online casino is that it's accessible to virtually anyone with an internet connection. Compared to land-based gambling, it's much more convenient to use - people only need to turn on their computers or reach for their phones to play at http://www.allslots.com/ any time of the day. Translated to "real" business terms, this means "being where your customers are". If most potential customers crave for services and products accessible online, or at a five-minute walk's distance, that's where a business should be.


No matter how attractive an offer might be, no All Slots player would claim it if it was hidden deep inside the entrails of the casino. To avoid being unnecessarily stuffy and hard to navigate, the All Slots and its likes keep things simple. They divide their interface into some easy-to-find sections (lobby, cashier, game rooms and their likes) to make it easier for their players to find their way exactly to where they want to arrive. Businesses, but institutions, too, should always aspire to make things simpler for their customers. The easier to use a service or a product is, the less time (and money) is wasted with explanations, customer support, training, and their likes.


As I said above, the All Slots is accessible to its thousands of players from all over the world, at any time of the day. This has been the case for the better part of the last seven years, with the only downtime reported being associated with scheduled maintenance. Players have to know that their games will be available whenever they want to play, otherwise, they will choose the competition - and the online gambling business is highly competitive, with hundreds of gaming destinations trying to attract the same player base. An online casino can't afford to have unexpected downtime, and neither can any other business. Whenever a customer decides that it's time to buy, to use a service or to ask a question, the customer has to be served - there's always a competitor waiting in line for the customer's favor (and money).
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Insomniac games is developing the new SpiderMan game for PS4

spiderman logo for insomniac games

Spider-Man (2000 video game) is an action adventure game which was developed by Neversoft entertainment. Later It was Published by Activation for the play station in 2000. Different Developers Used Spider-Man(2000 video game) and they were able to port in Game boy color, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and Microsoft windows.Then Two  Sequels for the game were Launched. First one was developed by Tours game and Second Sequel(Spider-Man 2) was done by The Sinister Six.

spiderman nintendo poster

Insomniac Games is the new venture of Spider-man Series. During Sony PlayStation Press Conference at E3, It was announced that Insomniac Games will Develop New Spider-man Series.This Game will bring about Different Story about Peter Parker and it will have an altogether Unique Spiderman and this game is again distributed by Marvel Productions.

Trailer looks Awesome and it can checked out below:

Apart from spider man the Best games to play on any device are the Casino apps. Casino.com has released many apps for Andriod, iOS and Desktop. iOS Users can download the app directly from the App store for their iPhone and iPad. Android and desktop users need to download from their website and play. It is also offering $400 welcome bonus for all the customers. So What are you waiting for? Just download the app and Start Gambling!

Game play Begins in Most Famous Newyork City. It is an Single Player Game where the player will be able to use Spiderman Things such as web singling and wall crawling. We will be Seeing Spiderman with Environmental Combat. The Traversing Techniques of Spiderman is way too different from Previous Versions.

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Digital Methods Which Can be Useful During Demonetisation.

Post Demonetisation,Indian Government are making attempts to bring Cashless Systems to curb corruption and use different Mobile Wallets which can help in Cashless Transactions.It is very important to go cashless during Demonetisation

Here are the Popular Android Apps which we can helped for Digital Payments:


Paytm is the one of most popular apps with more than 50 Million Downloads.We can use Paytm for pay,send or receive money.Post demonetisation, Paytm is doing over 7 million transactions a day, worth over Rs 120 crores.Paytm can be used for Mobile Recharges,Electricity bill,DTH and many such things,It is the best App which can be used in online shopping.

2.JioMoney Wallet:

Jio Payments are Supported by Jio Sim holders and it provides secure,fast,reliable and convenient Facilities.It can be useful in Bill Payments,Mobile Recharges,DTH and Data Card Payments.It gives great offers, discounts and schemes from top brands and also your neighbourhood stores.


FreeCharge helps in instant mobile recharges,bill payments,wallet payment and cashless transactions.Free Charge Offers special deals on Snapdeal,jabong,bookmyshow and Redbus.It Offers Great Cashbacks on Exciting Deals.

Government of India Modes of Digital India:

1.Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD):

All you need is Bank Account and Registered Mobile Number on an GSM Network.It  Can be used for payments upto Rs 5000 per day per customer.It can be useful to Transfer Funds to another Bank Accounts.

2.Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS):

Seed your account with your Aadhar number at bank or with the help of banking correspondent.
Now you can do many transactions at any AEPS point without any pin or password.

3.Unified Payment Interface(UPI):

All you need is Smartphone and an  Bank Account .Then  Create ur VPA(Virtual Payment Address)
with the help of Aadhar Card and Bank Account Details.We Can Send Money to Different Using VPA and vice versa.

Download these Apps and Go Digital During Demonetization as the government is going for cashless economy.

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[Gearbest] Xiaomi Wireless Bluetooth 4.1 Music Sport Earbuds - BLACK

A Perfect device for people who loves music and sports & thats what Xiaomi came up with.

 Xiaomi wireless Bluetooth 4.1 sports earbuds. Xiaomi Bluetooth sport earbuds feature lightweight and comfortable to meet sports addicts needs, with waterproof and sweat-proof design, and 7 hours music and talking time, it is suitable for most of the sports items. Meanwhile special adjustable ear-hooks design let it keep stable in your ear during strenuous  exercise.

The Adjustable earhook design is comfortable to wear and Anti-drop. The earhook adopts the soft and elastic rubber material so that it can fit your ear automatically and enable you to have a comfortable sport even for long time using.Bluetooth 4.1 HD talking includes quick connection and a one key to answer feature. This technology comes up with auto noise reduction function which provides the HD talking for you. The Xiaomi Bluetooth sport earbud device can connect to 2 mobile devices simultaneously.

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To experience the music or to control music play or calls answer freely this device adopt the separating microphone and volume control button design which delivers clear calls. MEMS Microphones of this Bluetooth device gives a clear and stable sound. 

The all new multi-technology metal appearance adopt the CNC carved cut, Borax process, twice anodizing and so on technology. The Xiaomi Bluetooth sport earbuds delivers the exquisite metal texture and wear resistant Anti-scratch features.

Get this sporting device at GEARBEST for 29.89 $


Key Specifiactions
Wearing Type
In ear with ear hook
Standby Time
Bluetooth mode
Hands free, Headset
0.029 Kg
10.50 x 7.30 x 4.50 cm

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