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betting top 10

Many of you guys are sports enthusiasts , some of you are even trying to make some money out of your favourite sports as well. But are you worried that you are not well versed with the rules that run the world of betting? Then worry not, because this app called "BettingTop10" is for you.

BettingTop10 is the ultimate guide for sports betting. First of all, it provides a gateway to betting in multiple countries. Countries supported as of now are UK, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Australia, Ireland, Canada and Italy. It provides local language translations to make it easier for the locals of each country to access it. This app is available on Android as well is iOS .

This app provides many features like listing the best bookies around, their personalized reviews, rules for betting etc. The features are deeply discussed below.

1. Listing Best Bookies available

In each country, this app lists top 10 best bookie sites and the hyperlinks to those sites. There's also a rating system given (with 5 stars being the highest grade) to each site listed.

2. Personalized reviews of the bookies

To each of the bookie site listed, a specific review is given. The different aspects of the sites are discussed in those reviews. These reviews help the user to know about the sites beforehand and decide which site to go to. Every user can then choose the bookmaker of his choice by deposit, bonus, odds, site accessibility etc...

3. Guide to betting

This app also provides support to first timers by providing all the necessary inputs like the rules and the different types of betting, different sports to bet on, steps for betting, live betting, mobile betting etc. This module helps the newcomers immensely.

To conclude, many people restrain from betting, even if interested, because of the complex rules and not knowing whom to trust etc. This app provides a perfect platform for newbies by providing important info like the rules of betting, where to go for betting, different sports available for betting etc and can be used with no doubt. Features like a fine user-interface, multiple language support etc make this app much more useful and user friendly. Do use this app guys!!
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