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CES 2016 : All the cool Tech stuff

Its time once again for the year's biggest tech event, CES 2016 held in Las Vegas this is where the tech world unites to show off the coolest tech and what's the future gonna be. The future where cars, phones, Tv's, wearables, drones, home appliances and even refrigerators are getting smarter and smarter. So we pick the best stuff announced at CES, from Rollable displays to Future cars here is all the cool tech unveiled at this years CES.
Intel's 3D campture allows digital avatars into games

LG's Dualview Tiling OLED Display

Ehang's human carrying drone

Cycleboard - Scooter and a Skateboard

JAQ Fuel cell smartphone charger

Intel's Compute stick 2nd Gen

Flir's Thermal Camera

TV's getting thinner and crispier

Parrot Disco Drone, Just toss it up to fly it

Faraday Future concept car looks like a batmobile

Control Sphero with a Smart watch

Tipron - A robot project

LG Rollable Display just like Newspaper

Audeze Sine headphones for the iPhone

Keurig Kold make your own coke

Samsung Family Hub Refrigirator with a large display on the right door

Samsung's smart Powerbot Vaccum

Polar Balance, Weight lose companion

Withings Thermo measures temperature in a second

Netatmo Presence for smarter home security

Misfit Ray bracelet

Origin PC Chrono gaming in a small package

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