3 Major "Ilities", or How More Businesses should Be More Like Online Casinos

online casino
Online gambling is considered by many a shady line of work, out to strip players of their last cent for profit while selling them tall tales of prospective welfare in the process. It reminds me of another business, largely considered legit - but that's a story for another time. Online gambling, in turn, is something completely different - it's a business run on thin ice, relying on several "ilities" to stay afloat. Given the success of the industry in the last decades, I think many other businesses should be like online casinos, adopting their "ilities" to work better. Which "ilities" those are, I'll explain below.


Part of the charm of an online casino is that it's accessible to virtually anyone with an internet connection. Compared to land-based gambling, it's much more convenient to use - people only need to turn on their computers or reach for their phones to play at http://www.allslots.com/ any time of the day. Translated to "real" business terms, this means "being where your customers are". If most potential customers crave for services and products accessible online, or at a five-minute walk's distance, that's where a business should be.


No matter how attractive an offer might be, no All Slots player would claim it if it was hidden deep inside the entrails of the casino. To avoid being unnecessarily stuffy and hard to navigate, the All Slots and its likes keep things simple. They divide their interface into some easy-to-find sections (lobby, cashier, game rooms and their likes) to make it easier for their players to find their way exactly to where they want to arrive. Businesses, but institutions, too, should always aspire to make things simpler for their customers. The easier to use a service or a product is, the less time (and money) is wasted with explanations, customer support, training, and their likes.


As I said above, the All Slots is accessible to its thousands of players from all over the world, at any time of the day. This has been the case for the better part of the last seven years, with the only downtime reported being associated with scheduled maintenance. Players have to know that their games will be available whenever they want to play, otherwise, they will choose the competition - and the online gambling business is highly competitive, with hundreds of gaming destinations trying to attract the same player base. An online casino can't afford to have unexpected downtime, and neither can any other business. Whenever a customer decides that it's time to buy, to use a service or to ask a question, the customer has to be served - there's always a competitor waiting in line for the customer's favor (and money).
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