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        Woke up lazy again and it's already late asusual... Need to rush to college to makeup my low attendance. Checks whatsapp and fb for texts and pings. Some girlfriend's texts and lengthy football fights. Everything is same. I reach my college. I feel some good vibe at first. I thought its arrival of winter with cool breeze comforting my sleepy state. To my surprise it's much more than that. There are some seminars , some Mun's, some competitions in my college. Yeah I have no idea about it. I ask my fellow friend and he's clueless too. I rush to canteen and find our college band also rehearsing some good tunes. I then figure out that its tech fest of our college and surprisingly we cannot participate as registrations closed. I was really feeling stupid of myself that i was soo negligent. This problem/habit is faced by every engineer during freshmen or year 2 or Some high time internships n placements. We needed a solution to it as we just wanted to be and make others aware of these simple things. That's the start of whatsupgeek.
        Whatsupgeek started with 3 students Pankaj, Sridhar and Vamshi who hail from Vasavi College of Engineering, Hyderabad. These guys are like all engineering students but with varied interests and awesome talents. Their subconscious mind handling their boring lecturers but conscious one mining google for the questions and in their heads. The idea of Whatsupgeek is to spread awareness what a tech student requires. It's not limited to engineers and tech only.We at Whatsupgeek do our best to keep students updated with Gadgets, Automobiles, Workshops, Seminars, Placements  and everything what a student wants. Whatsupgeek is always expanding its editors space so as to help students of all fields possible. Whatsupgeek is a niche which will help you every way possible to make your life simpler as we have solutions to most of your problems.Throw your query and we are there with best answer. One minute of daily dose to keep you updated.

Our awesome team: Anusha, Pankaj, Pranay, Saikiran, Sridhar, Vaibhav, Vamshi.

Send your queries to: admin@whatupgeek.com or whatsupgeek.web@gmail.com