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In this Blog, I'm going to explain How to setup Applock?, How to hide Applock?, How to unhide Applock? How to open a hidden Applock? and what is the use of Applock? 

Applock is the android app that gives the users the privilege to protect their personal stuff and apps with password and deny the access without password like sms, contacts, gmail, gallery, settings, facebook, protects your personal stuff and protects your privacy.

Sometimes our friends ask our phone and we have some private in our phone don't hesitate to give your phone to your phone if you have Applock app installed on your device. Applock is an app which will lock all the apps which we want to lock or hide from our friend. So, no issues with privacy if have installed Applock.

Applock has the features like 

  • Protects any app using password/pattern.
  • Hide pictures.
  • Hide videos.
  • Themes.
  • Automatic lock after prior time.
  • Random keyboard.
  • Lock system settings.
  • Prevent apps from being uninstalled. 
  • Applock cannot be killed by task killer.

Here is a short video demonstration on How to hide or Unhide Applock :

Basic steps to setup applock

when we open Applock for the first time it will ask for setting up for the password and we can change that later on if we wish to change in future

  1. Enter new password.
  2. Re-Enter new password.
  3. Add recovery email.
  4. Hide the apps/stuff you feel to personal/hidden.

How to Hide/Un-Hide Applock

Follow these simple steps to hide you Applock or unhide your Applock
  1. Menu(By swiping from left to right or by clicking on option).
  2. click on Settings.
  3. click again on Settings.
  4. Press Hide/Unhide applock.
  5. choose a type of password which you wanted to keep.
  6. And we are done Applock icon will be removed from the menu.

How to Start the hidden applock app

There are two ways to open the hidden app lock 

First method

  1. Open the browser and enter the following link in address bar and press enter.
  2. Then click on the blue colour text. 

Applock will be open.

second method

  1. Enter your dial pad
  2. Press *#*#1234#*#* or #password(which you have configured).
  3. It will automatically open. If it doesn't open then press the call button after dialing the above code as shown below.

These two methods open the applock to manage the previously locked stuff or to lock any new stuff.


Applock is an app which is useful for hiding our personal data(photos.videos etc), keep password for some applications, keep password for turning on your Wi-Fi/mobile data, keep password for installing or uninstalling an unknown source app etc. Applock is an App for those who who want to share their phone with their friends without showing them the private stuff.  

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