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Confused In Choosing Your SmartPhone? Google Help's you picking you new Android phone

Are you confused in selecting the right phone for you?.Then you are at the right place Google introduced Which Phone in the official Android website.Where you can find the smartphone that meet your requirements from pile of smartphones. Unlike iOS, Android has variety of phones and it is always difficult to pick a phone out of those. "Which Phone" is Google's attempt to be your guide to pick a Android Phone that suites your requirements.

The process starts with the Get Started button to start a journey that makes a way to meet your dream smartphone that meets your requirements at full extent.The next window asks you with some basic functional options like Taking Photos, Gaming, Texting & IM, Calling, etc. that a smart phone needs as options to pick,where you can choose as many as you'd like to pick. 
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Here you can pick any number of options and every time you pick an option it will ask you how often you use that. Let us consider we have picked-up Taking Photos option and then in the next step we have answer few questions as a scale of usage like how many pictures you take in a week.
Thereafter similar question related to photos to be answered like importance of the camera like Quality , Selfie , Fast depending on these choices Google's Which phone Algorithm selects the best suited phone.

 and after answering the required questions related photos we are again brought back to the initial options page and we can choose next option we need finally after all the pick-ups are done the next page allows you to pick a carrier , shows only US carriers for now and you also have choose later if you dont wish to or not from US. 

There after the Google sorts out with the best smartphones that suits best for our requirements and suggests you with some smartphones and there again you can filter out with options like carriers, size, price and latest phones.  

Hope you meet your dream Phone from a pile of smartphones With Google's Which Phone,Here is the link Which Phone. what do you think of this website why don't you have a go at website and check does the website really pick the best phone based on the features selected.