Since the release of the Apple Earpods, every Mobile Tech company rolling out their own segment of earbuds ranging from Samsung, Google, One Plus, Xiaomi, Oppo and list continues to various other Head Phones manufacturers like JBL, Skullcandy and etc,.

I have been waiting for the true wireless Pixel Buds since Google announced them back in 2019. Pixel Buds are finally rolled out and available in few countries through google online store. It's been a month since I have been using them after available in Australia. When I first got my hands onto the Pixel Buds, I was thrilled by the way they are designed, the way they fit and finish, comfort, sound quality and the way they get paired with any Android device, iPhone and with the Laptops.

Design, Build & Sensors

These Pixel Buds are really tiny and easy to fit in your ears between a dime and penny in diameter and sit pretty close to flush. Buds are really light in weight (each earbud weighs 5.3g with dimensions of 20.5 x 19.5 x 18.2mm) and you won't feel like your wearing on them in your ears.

The egg-like case for the Pixel Buds is well designed and very well executed, this case supports Qi-certified wireless charging where you can charge the case with any supporting wireless power-sharing mobile device or wireless power case and it has USB-C charger port to charge. Earbuds are pulled into place by a set of magnets, keeping the connection aligned and its lightweight to handle.

Google Pixel Buds 2
Sensors: Most attractive feature which I like about this buds are sensors to control Calls, Music, Volume and Google's Voice Assistant. When comes to Touch Sensitivity and Gesture recognition these buds are built perfectly. Each earbud has Capacitive touch sensors for music, calls and Google assistant control. a single tap on either of the bud is to respond calls, play or pause the music, double-tap on either of the buds is to disconnect the call or change the music. back and forward swipe is used for decreasing or increasing the volume. These buds are built with Dual IR proximity sensors for in-ear detection to play and pause music automatically when we wear or remove them. And these also have motion-detecting accelerometer and gyroscope.

Features, Sound Quality and Battery Life

If you're using a Google Pixel Mobile phone then the first time you open the Pixel Buds case you'll get a pairing notification on your device -tap it to get paired. On any other Android device, you'll be prompted to install Pixel Buds application from the play store. The features are rich and very well executed to use on a daily basis like Google Assistant, Spoken Notification, in-ear detection, Voice Translation, IPX4 Sweat and Water resistant.

Google Pixel Buds 2 Notification bar viewGoogle Pixel Buds 2 App view  
Left Image: Notification bar shows the charging info of Buds & Case. Right Image: Features and Settings of Pixel Buds

There is an important feature in these Pixel Buds for people like me who always misplace buds. If you have misplaced your Right or Left bud somewhere in your couch, reading area or living room then we can go to the pixel bud application on moble and hit the Find device bar then it asks to press Left or Right once you click it, your bud starts beeping from low volume to high which you can easily hear in a low noisy room and find it.

Coming to the sound quality it's really good when comes to Music and Calls. I have tested it in a low and high noisy area, in a Car and on Motor Bike while driving and riding I felt sound is always good even using after a month. But, background noises were noticeable with earbuds-in which isn't an issue.

Battery life is not so good when coming to this Buds when compared to the price they come for. It's fine if you're using it for morning or evening jog, attending few calls and listening music when exhausted then these are fine but, if you want to wear them through an entire workday or for a long duration of travel then you'll run out of the battery. The frustrating thing about these buds is, even if they are charged 100% and you use both the buds at a time, either of the buds battery gonna drain faster. It happened to me multiple times, few times left bud's battery is drained faster and few times right bud's. I have tried to contact the google support regarding this issue but there's no proper response from the customer support.

Positives and Negatives

Pros Cons
Well-built and Minimal Design Battery Life is Average
Easy to use and Sounds Good Poor Noise Cancellation
IPX4 Sweat proof Price
Bluetooth 5.0 Gets Uncomfortable after using for long hours

Bottom Line

These Pixel Buds are very comfortable to wear, easy to handle, touch sensitivity and gesture recognition are finely designed. Even-though, the battery drains faster I can able to charge it up with my mobile device using wireless power share as these buds come with wireless Qi charge support but the only lacking feature is Noise cancellation and high price.

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