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Google to offer 1 TB free storage and other rewards when you help them review places on Google Maps

Google Maps is trying to promote its Local Guides feature by offering exciting rewards to people who help them in reviewing , posting pictures , answering basic questions etc. about places on maps like restaurants, tourist spots and other locations.

The company has been slowly expanding its Local Guides program over the past year to fill Google Maps with more relevant information. In August, it tested a new feature, that detected when food photos were taken at restaurants and automatically uploaded them, attaching them to the location so other users could see what they could be eating.

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According to the Google Maps blog, Google will be offering a variety of different prizes to customers that add reviews to its Local Guides feature. This feature lets users place reviews, photos and other information about locations on Maps for points.

Here's the full point system according to Google:

Level 1 (0-4 points)Users in this level have a chance to enter exclusive contests.
Level 2 (5-49 points)Users in this level can get early access to new Google products and features.
Level 3 (50-199 points)Users in this level show up in the Google Maps app with your official Local Guides badge.
Level 4 (200-499 points)Users in this level will receive a free 1 TB upgrade of your Drive storage, allowing you to keep all the stories, photos, and videos from your travels in one safe place. (1 TB of drive storage costs $9.99 per month normally)
Level 5 (500+ points) The very top Local Guides will become eligible to apply to attend our inaugural summit in 2016, where you’ll be able to meet other top Guides from around the world, explore the Google campus, and get the latest info about Google Maps. Look out for details early next year.

To become a Local Guide, click here. Once you sign up, you can download the latest Google Maps update and start reviewing places. You can check your points status in the "contributions" tab. Your total points, level, and to-do list—suggestions for places to contribute to—conveniently appear together in one place. And when you share photos, you'll now see view counts, giving you an idea of how many people your image may have helped.

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Here's a video posted by Google about this feature.

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